3D Applications

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3D Applications
3D Laser Scanners and 3D Photogrammetry are tools that can be used in various projects apart from BIM and Architecture. Our main concerns are to adjust our equipment and skills to match the ever growing technological advances and provide alternative services to our clients. Utilizing a terrestrial laser scanner and a portable handheld laser scanner, we have the flexibility to cover all kinds of sites, from public spaces outdoors to any indoor space including underground spaces, such us mines and caves. Equipped with a camera, a drone and suitable photogrammetry software we have the ability to scan all kinds of objects varying from statues and other archaeological finds, to large size monuments and archaeological sites.
All the provided deliverables can be in a format suitable for being used for 3d printing applications.

Our 3D Services can be used to capture data for:
- Statues and Archaeological Finds
- Cultural Heritage and Architecture
- Architectural Details
- Touristic sites with morphological interest
- Mines and Caves
- Industrial Surveys
- Advanced Geomatics (3D GIS)
- Underwater sites (see “underwater surveys”)